Helper FunctionsΒΆ

The package provides three helper functions to provide the user with information about regions, statistics and the availability of data for region-statistic combinations. Helper functions are part of the datenguidepy.query_helper module but can also be imported from datenguidepy directly.

get_statistics - List the statstic codes available in the API - Gives a short and long description for the corresponding statistic - Default description language is German - Provides a machine translated version of the descriptions in english

get_regions - Lists the region ids used to construct queries - Contains a human readable name of the region - Contains the european statistical calssfication of the region (nuts/lau) - Contains the id of the parent region

get_availability_summary - Lists all combination of statsitics with regions down to nuts 3 level. - For each combination provids the size of the corresponding data set - For each combination prvides the first and the last year of available data - Does not include lau regions - Does not include information about ENUMs